Bavarian and Hanoverian Scenthound Club of Canada

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The Hanoverian Scenthound Canadian Club of Canada (HSCC) wants to ensure the proper development of the Hanoverian Scenthound in Canada. A working dog breed that will soon be recognized in Canada. To do so, the five members of the club’s board of directors agree on priorities for action and are in synergy with its member-owners of Hanoverian Scenthounds.
Everything needs to be developed and built but one step at a time!

Our journey

A young club whose mission is to ensure the wise development of a very noble and very old breed with European origins.


In July 2014, Hanoverian Scenthound owners, who all appreciate this fine breed for its aptitudes, met  for the first time to initiate the start up of the first Hanoverian Scenthound Club of Canada. An interim committee was then set up to complete the forms, legally establish the club's structure and administration. In less than a year, the committee had seen substantial growth. In March 2015, a first general meeting confirms the group's progress and looks to it's members to develop the vision and aspirations for the Hanoverian Scenthound breed and its deployment on Canadian soil.


In August 2015, a second meeting took place to create a common language, fix objectives for the development of the breed, and recognize the implication of members involved in the advancement of the club. This meeting was important because it permitted the members to adopt the first bylaws and the election of the first officials.

In August 2017, the CCCRH adopted its first race-specific rules and organized a first edition in Quebec City. This first Natural Aptitude Test (TAN) is judged by a Belgian judge, Mr. Baufay, accredited by the FCI. The board of directors undertakes to organize these events at least once a year.

In March 2019, a historic moment marks the club's fifth anniversary: ​​the addition of the Bavarian Mountain Hound breed. The members unanimously voted in favor of including the second breed in the club and propose renaming the Bavarian and Hanoverian Scenthound Club of Canada (BHSCC).

The beginning of a great adventure!

Passionate volunteers who are committed to the preservation of a breed loyal to its origins.

The club has recently been legally established in Canada, but much work remains to be done. The breed is not currently recognized in Canada. This process is long but the BHSCC is accompanied by the CFC to guide it through the process of breed recognition. Working tests specific to this breed should be considered in its development. These tests are not yet widespread in North America but common in Europe. Hanoverian Scenthound and Bavarian Mountain Hound breeders are not yet authorized or supervised on Canadian soil.

Our engagement

Two greats breeds, a great club.

The Hanoverian Scenthound and Bavarian Mountain Hound  above all, is a breeds developed specifically for the recovery of wounded big game. Over time, dogs with particular temperaments and talents were selected for their genetics to become great bloodhounds.

Like for its Europeans counterparts, it's equally important for the BHSCC to foster, develop and promote all activities and all interventions to protect and promote the Hanoverian Scenthound and Bavarian Mountain Hound breed in our country taking in to account our legislative context and our cultural dynamic. The BHSCC wishes to ensure the good development of both breeds with the Canine Federation of Canada (CFC). Above all, the CCCRHB wants to strengthen the friendly ties that unite the different countries, the different societies and the different clubs that are the important stock.