Bavarian and Hanoverian Scenthound Club of Canada

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The Bavarian and Hanoverian

Scenthound Club of Canada

(in french Club canadien des Chiens de rouge

du Hanovre et de Bavière (CCCRHB)) 

is proud to present a brand new website.


Visit it frequently, it will be constantly evolving.

Good reading!
                                           - The BHSCC team 

Our two breeds in few words...

Working dog
Tracking and finding injured big game

Balanced dogs
Respect for nature and  humans
Rare dog​​
Available only for blood dog handlers accredited by in association of blood dog handlers like 
Association des conducteurs de chiens de sang du Québec (ACCSQ)
Dog trials
Participates in working and obedience events

Adopt a puppy

Consult the "Breeding" section for more information on availability.

If adoption interests you, send an email request to the club in the "Contact" section or by using the shortcut keys. The BHSCC team will guide you through your adoption process.